10 GHz Beacon - Icecast Audio Stream

The 10 GHz transmitter is located near Tain (northern Scotland) and the receiver is located in Edinburgh (southern Scotland). The 216 Km radio path is not line of sight (due to the Cairngorm Mountains being in the path). In the below section, click on the 'M3U' link to play the audio stream and there is also a page with long tern RSSI history data (sampled every 30 seconds) available at https://radscot.ddns.net. The 'Stream URL' link (in the below section) actually takes you to a page with the full project information, including path profiles, pictures of the sites and pictures of the equipment.

Mount Point /GM3WOJ

Stream Name:GM3WOJ IO77WS
Stream Description:Audio stream resolved from 10 GHz beacon receiver.
Content Type:audio/mpeg
Stream started:Wed, 13 Nov 2019 14:27:18 +0000
Listeners (current):0
Listeners (peak):2
Genre:Received at IO85JV
Stream URL:https://gm8bjf.joomla.com/articles/3-the-gm3woj-3cm-personal-beacon-story
Currently playing: